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We help entrepreneurs innovate, and companies grow

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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned one, you will receive the time, insight, mentorship from industry experts to accelerate your ideas into successful ventures. your ideas into successful


At Amper Labs you get to work on Amper’s High Productive Application Development Platform that allows you to get off the ground in very less time and also innovate to enhance the platform experience


The coolest thing about Amper Labs is the community of talented people.entrepreneurs,
designers, technologists and developers work together to help business become more successful.

About Us

Amper Labs offers a brilliant community to make your ideas work


We have an amazing workspace where you are amongst like-minded people who work hard to succeed together. There is no better place that would help your business succeed.


Amper Labs provides you the environment to make the very most of the community and opportunities. We not only offer place to work but also a platform to get you on your feet fast.


From the incredible connectivity, the inspiring workspace to the online Slack community, we have a wealth of advantages from a HpaPaaS, Azure, Dev team, Web Apps & Mobile Apps.

Incubation Model

Walk in with Idea and Create a Future

We bring the skills, experience, access, resources to help your business start or scale.

Amper Labs helps small, focused high-growth startups through a process that develops robust and globally-connected businesses.

We don’t run a formalized accelerator or a standard structured approach to incubating startups, as we tailor our approach to each opportunity based on the skills and resources needed to help accelerate the growth of that business.

If appropriate, we have access to a network of mentors, funds and investors that we can help our startups we’re incubating to connect with.

Infrastructure Offering

We bring the skills, experience, access, resources to help
your business start or scale.

Day Pass

  • Paid Access to meeting room
  • Work hour permits - 8 am - 12 midnight
  • Paid access to events
  • Paid access to conference room

Floating Desk

  • 1 hr access to meeting room a day
  • Work hour permits - 8 am - 1 am
  • Paid access to events
  • Paid access to conference room

Dedicated desk

  • 90 minutes access to meeting room a day
  • Work hour permits - 8 am - 1 am
  • Free access to events
  • Paid access to conference room

Private Cabin

  • 120 minute access to meeting rooms
  • Work hour permits - 8 am - 1 am
  • Free access to events
  • 90 minute access to conference room

Innovation Partners

We help you innovate by using technology more effectively

Success Stories

Amper has been effectively used for an agricultural solutions company that has built a unified platform to promote different stakeholders in the agriculture sector to interact with each other. The platform allows you to manage real-time field activities and take business decisions with the help of insights generated by the data through reports and analytics. With the help of Amper’s easy drag-and-drop process designer and offline workflow engine, the user can build complicated processes and manage to collect offline data in remote areas.
A UK based Building Management Systems Company was following a traditional manual approach to supervise the issuing and recovery of loans. It needed a system to help them identify and analyse credit risks at an early stage. Amper provided them a comprehensive commercial management solution to manage and improve Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in a cost effective and time efficient manner. The system enables the stakeholders to work on a single line interface without losing contract and commercial documents and details.
Amper has been instrumental in the development of a leading online marketplace that helps entrepreneurs connect with an ecosystem of enablers. The eco-system allows you to primarily focus on raising initial capital for early stage start-ups from individuals, or from syndicates or from investment funds. Amper provided a multi-tenant enterprise portal and document management system to maintain confidential data and to reduce the related risks.

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